Crash Research & Analysis, Inc.

Safety Studies & Analysis

Areas of Expertise

  • Coordinating Large-Scale Safety Research Projects

  • Supervising Data Collection Efforts

  • Developing Interview and Data Collection Instruments

  • Developing Rating Scales

  • Authoring Professional Reports

  • Conducting Statistical Analyses

  • Writing Coding and Analysis Manuals

Major Safety Research Studies

National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey (NMVCCS)

  • Developed interview forms and data collection instruments

  • Assisted with database development

  • Supervised field researchers at remote locations

  • Performed quality control

  • Assisted in the development of coding and editing manuals

Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS)

  • Provided advice for the technical, political, administrative, and economic implications of management decisions

  • Participated guidance from conception to completion, and assisted the sponsor with all aspects of this multi-million dollar, multi-year, nationwide study

  • Interacted with multiple Federal agencies, states, and jurisdictions

  • Designed and developed study parameters

  • Assisted in the design and development of data collection methodologies

  • Assisted in the development of the LTCCS Data Collection, Coding, and Editing Manual, as well as the LTCCS Data Collection, Coding, and Editing Manual for the Crash Event Assessment Form

  • Assisted SQL developers in their design of the data storage, access, and QC/QA

  • Represented the sponsor at meetings with officials from multiple states and jurisdictions

  • Provided training and expert advice in accident investigation, reconstruction, and vehicle systems

  • Reconstructed crashes and determined crash causation factors

  • Provided quality control review of more than 700 cases

  • Co-author of technical documents and analyses, including Congressional activities

  • Defined variables for the SAS Analytical User’s Manual

Bus Crash Causation Study

  • Served as the principal investigator regarding a study of bus crash causation

  • Conducted a feasibility study

  • Organized technical meeting of national experts/stakeholders

  • Served on steering committee for the sponsor

  • Designed and developed study parameters and the data collection methodology

  • Directed/assisted developers in the design of the data storage, access, and QC/QA

  • Provided expert advice in crash investigation, reconstruction, and vehicle systems

  • Reconstructed several bus-pedestrian impacts and other incidents

  • Provided quality control review


National Child Restraint Usage Safety Study (NCRUSS)

  • Coordinated remote field data collection efforts

  • Assisted in remote data collection site selection and set-up

  • Assisted in pilot testing of data collection forms

  • Assisted in data collection processes

  • Participated in quality control, edits, and scrubs


The Incidence and Role of Drugs in Fatally Injured Drivers

  • Supervised data collection and coding activities

  • Participated in the experimental design and selection of drugs to be studied

  • Set up cooperation with County Medical Examiners/Coroners

  • Supervised data collection and data entry procedures

  • Conducted the study’s statistical analyses

  • Co-wrote the final report

  • Co-authored the “responsibility analysis” report and coding manual for the study